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K. Sean Harris is the Caribbean’s most prolific and exciting author of contemporary adult fiction. He has written over forty books—anthologies and novels—encompassing thrillers, drama, suspense, romance (including dark and paranormal), erotica and horror.


When he’s not writing books that are difficult to put down and fulfilling his duties as the creative and editorial director at a leading Jamaican publishing house, he enjoys consuming art, watching his favorite sports, working out and spending time with his family.


Some of His Original Quotes & Musings         


  • A writer that doesn’t like to read, is like a pastor that doesn’t like to pray.

  • If you spend a lot of time reading my books and it’s causing problems with your spouse, there’s only one thing to do: get rid of your spouse.

  • If I were told I had 24 hrs to live, I wouldn't waste a second of it worrying. I'd spend some time with loved ones, get laid and write faster.

  • Creativity is the byproduct of focused insanity.

  • If your significant other doesn’t encourage growth, whether emotional, spiritual, intellectual or artistic, there’s nothing significant about your other.

  • Keep your soul clean. Don’t allow anyone to look into your eyes and see a dirty room.

  • Every true artist is crazy, some a little, others a lot. After all, imagination and insanity are first cousins.

  • Reading a great book is like having great sex. Though you’re immensely satisfied, you’re a bit sorry when it’s over.

  • People who love to read, who crave the alchemy of well-written books, are one of life’s exquisite treasures.

K. Sean Harris

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