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Blood of Angels

Laku Leon is an artist who lives in France. Half-French, half-Egyptian, tall, handsome and broody, the reclusive twenty-five year old is a graduate of the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts where he had honed his prodigious talent, becoming widely regarded as France’s most promising young artist. A meeting with a beautiful woman one windswept December night outside of a Paris nightclub changes his life forever.


Laku falls in love with the mysterious Franciska Sultis, a Hungarian vampire who comes to Paris on a feeding trip. She craves adventure and new blood. Meeting Laku is an added bonus. She loves Laku but knows that they won’t be able to have a future together. Rikard, her maker, will not allow it. Franciska reluctantly returns to Hungary after two exciting weeks, but not before giving Laku a parting gift. She bites him, turning him into a vampire.


Heartbroken, and now immortal, Laku is left on his own to adjust to his new life. The transition proves difficult but he survives the worst and soon embraces his fate, learning to control his urges and to harness his powers. A year after meeting Franciska, Laku yearns for a change and decides on a whim to visit an island. He chooses Jamaica.


He meets Chasity Ray, a sexy Jamaican romance novelist, who falls madly in love with him. Will Laku overcome his fear of falling in love again and turn Chasity into a vampire so that they can be together forever…or will he vanish and break her heart?

Blood of Angels

SKU: 978-976-9530-32-4
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