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Blood of Angels II

After the eventful birth of their son, Anpu, Laku has to hasten the inevitable and turn Chasity into a vampire in order to save her life. They get married shortly after in a private civil ceremony and head to Paphos, Cyprus, for a week long honeymoon. It is the happiest time of their lives as they enjoy their new life together as a family. Chasity has her hands full adjusting to life as a vampire, mother and wife. Every day is an adventure and a blessing, and she blossoms in her new roles, embracing immortality and eternal bliss.


But there is trouble in paradise. The Chosen Ones, the Vampire Authority, learn of Laku’s incredible gifts and in an unprecedented move for such a young vampire, asks Laku to join their ranks. Laku refuses. The Chosen Ones, angry at his rejection, threaten to kill him, his wife and child if he doesn’t reconsider. He does not.


The lives of his family at stake and with some unexpected help, Laku decides to go on the offensive. He travels to the lair of the Chosen Ones in the Black Forest region of Germany to wage war. The odds are stacked against him, but it is a war that he must win.


The alternative is unthinkable…

Blood of Angels II

SKU: 978-976-95303-6-2
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