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Blood of Angels III

Werewolves are not the original mortal enemies of vampires. That distinction belongs to the Zincas, an extinct race of powerful shape-shifters who were defeated by the vampires thousands of years ago with the help of the Naacals from the lost city of Atlantis.


Alessio, the Chosen One, and only remaining leader of the Vampire Authority after Laku spared his life sixteen years ago, reads the Tablet of the Key of Prophecy, an ancient, sacred document that reveals prophetic happenings every sixteen years. A catastrophe is looming on the horizon. A beast, infused with the timeless energy of the high priest of the Zincas, the last one who was killed and his body cast in the Pits of Amenti, is going to rise and raise an army from another realm. They are going to kill every vampire, and then rule the earth by taking over the souls and bodies of those in power, and transform the earth into a living hell.


Only the Special One can stop it. One of Egyptian lineage. One whose age amounts to the number of light, the God number, seven. One whose name means the God of the Dead. One who can open the sacred chamber to drink the Blood of Time. There is only one such being. The son of Laku, Anpu. There is no time to waste. Alessio requests an urgent meeting with Laku, his wife Chasity, and Anpu.


The future of their race, as well as the human race, depends on the outcome…

Blood of Angels III

SKU: 978-976-95771-5-2
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