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Having to flee his native The Gambia at the tender age of eleven to neighbouring Senegal after the military coup that claimed the lives of his family, Amet Kah’s life irrevocably changes forever. He is captured by a rebel force in Senegal and coerced into becoming a child soldier. Fueled by his devastating loss and motivated by a chance at vengeance, Amet does well in his training, impressing the rebels with his seriousness, focus and ability, though only a mere child. He quickly becomes a favourite of the commander of the rebel force, who takes him under his wing and teaches him everything that he knows. Three months later, he kills a government trooper in an ambush and there is no turning back.


Six years after being with the rebel force, they hijack a caravan of vehicles and one of the occupants, the son of a prominent businessman and arms dealer, bears an uncanny resemblance to Amet. He bides his time and uses the young man’s travel documents to escape to America. An encounter with a strange man known as Bridge, gives Amet a chance at not only surviving in America, but to become successful. He becomes an assassin known as Gabriel, the angel of death. He thrives, rising to the top of his profession, legendary for carrying out high profile killings with flair and imagination.


He meets Miko, a beautiful, twenty-four year old half-Japanese, half-British, Lebanese born army brat living in New York. An intense affair ensues, and Gabriel, now twenty-nine years old, realizes that once again, his life is about to be irrevocably changed. He is right.not in the way that he thinks it will…


SKU: 978-976-95303-8-6
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