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Dr. Death

Dr. Carrick Barrington Hutchinson. Popular, respected gynecologist. Dutiful father. Loving husband. A philanthropist who gives freely of his time and money to charity. A tall, handsome, man-about town who is usually the life of all the swanky parties he gets invited to. But he has dark secrets. He is the descendant of Dr. Lewis Hutchinson, Jamaica’s first known serial killer, who murdered dozens of travellers between 1773 and 1783, and ever since he discovered that fact, after stumbling on a large book that traced his family’s genealogy, a deadly spark is lit inside him, one that spreads to a fire that burns numerous lives.


A psychological portrait of a killer with the charm, wit and looks to match, who gets bolder and more prolific with each subsequent kill.


He will never stop.


He has to be stopped.

Dr. Death

SKU: 978-976-95771-7-6
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