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Queen of the Damned

Born and raised in the tough inner city community of West Bank, Ayanna Rose is no stranger to death and despair. Smart and fearless since she was a little girl, Ayanna grows up to be a beautiful young woman. She catches the eye of Castro, a savvy gangster who rises from the ashes of a deadly turf war between the two rival gangs in the community, to become the undisputed don of West Bank.


An intense love affair ensues and when Castro is betrayed and killed by his second in command, a part of Ayanna dies with him. What is left of her is an empty, blood-thirsty shell. Ayanna avenges Castro’s murder and assumes leadership of the community, becoming the first female don in the history of Jamaica’s underworld.


This is her story.

Queen of the Damned

SKU: 978-976-95303-5-5
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