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In this, the sequel to Detour, the saga of Gabriel, the angel of death, continues. After a near two-year hiatus of fun, frolic and continental travel with wealthy socialite Isabel Tharp, Gabriel returns to New York to do what he does best, reap souls for a living.


His return is a triumphant one, killing one of the most closely guarded and reclusive crime lords in New York City, and reconfirming his status as the world’s greatest assassin.


However his deadly re-entry opens old wounds, revealing the mastermind behind the most tragic event in his adult life. His vengeance is swift, the punishment brutal.


Having had closure, his demons laid to rest, Gabriel’s perspective on life begins to change and he lays down his tools of trade for peace of mind. The universe seemingly aligns in his favour as an old face unexpectedly resurfaces in his life.


He plans a future with her, making full use of the opportunity that people in his line of work rarely get, a chance at a normal life, a chance at redemption.


But will his past catch up with him?


SKU: 978-976-95303-9-3
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