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The Stud 2

Jerome James is a young, star football player for Jamaica’s national football team. He is beloved by the public for his heroics on the pitch and adored by scores of women for his natural good looks, magnetic personality and star athlete status.


Jerome meets Angela, a lovely physiotherapist, and unexpectedly falls madly in love with her. Life is grand but Jerome has serious issues. His penchant for life in the fast lane and his chronic addiction to having sex with multiple women regardless of the consequences has his life spiraling out of control.


Will Jerome be able to fight his demons and save his career, his new-found love and his life…or will he be ultimately doomed by his self-destructive behaviour?


Picking up exactly where the first volume left off, this is the thrilling continuation of this incredible tale.

The Stud 2

SKU: 978-976-95303-1-7
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