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Excerpt from Dancehall Don IV

They requested company and were joined by two women.

Aiya. Japanese. Petite. Demure. Thirty years old. Spoke three languages. Sang well. Ivy-league educated. Recruited to be a high-end escort by one of her tenured professors who was a member of the exclusive millionaire club having come from old money, in her final year. A modern geisha.

Cici. Romanian. Tall. Sultry. Twenty years old. Spoke heavily accented English. Recruited to be a high-end escort after attending a yacht party in Romania with a friend. She could have been a model, she had received several offers, but she wasn’t interested. This was way more lucrative and the work was easier and more interesting.

Cici hoped she got the Jamaican.

She had never been with one before.

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