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Excerpt from The Emerald Soul

 That was the first time she realized that no matter how mad she was at him, he could always get her wet.

She pressed her body against his. He was leaning on the kitchen counter. They were alone in the house. Kemoy was in Mandeville visiting her parents. She had planned to spend two days but after the first few hours messaged Gypsy to say she would be back in Kingston tomorrow.

“The publisher called this morning, he wants to meet with me tomorrow. So I’m thinking he’s feeling the book and wants to discuss the possibilities.”

“Up, up, up! That’s great boo, how come he assessed it so fast?”

“I have no idea but I don’t question blessings.”

Cord nodded, still smiling. He was happy for her. She had been sitting on an incredible talent and it was time to unleash it. The stories were awesome and that was just her raw talent. He could only imagine how good she would be by the time she really got into her element and honed and mastered it. She was going to be a force to be reckoned with. He had some things he needed to discuss with her. He was going to need a place to stay in three weeks time, indefinitely. The college was also just a five-minute drive from her townhouse. It would make sense for him to live there while he went back to school. She loved him, but she loved her space too. It would not be an easy transition for her. It wouldn’t be for him either, he was used to his freedom. He sighed. Today wasn’t the day to have that conversation. He lowered his head and kissed her. He put the cigarette out as she slid to her knees and took out his semi-hard shaft. Thankfully the stress wasn’t messing with his libido. Sex was therapy. Even if the relief didn’t last long, the respite, however short, was always welcome.

He glanced out the window as she deep-throated him, making him groan.

The neighbour was home.

The woman glanced over there as she closed her gate.

Cord wondered if she could hear him.

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