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Excerpt from The Goddess of Many Faces II

Moses was in a daze as he drove home. He was satiated in a way that he hadn’t been in years. Since the last time he had been with Mel, actually. He loved his wife Azha and they had a good sex life, had a great life overall, yet he had immediately put things in place to see Mel when she contacted him out of the blue. The logical part of his brain simply did not function when it came to Mel. He had held out all these years, moved on, created a whole family and was in the process of creating generational wealth, using a portion of his high salary to make shrewd investments in real estate, mutual and index funds, stocks and certificates of deposit. He was a responsible man, a focused man, a man who took excellent care of himself and his family. So why hadn’t he ignored Mel’s initial text message, knowing nothing good would come of entertaining her? Because the pleasure you get from her you can’t get from anywhere else, and you missed it, his subconscious and his dick replied in unison. Plus you love her more than you have ever loved anyone and you will never truly get over her, his heart joined in. You’re all idiots, his common sense scoffed.

Moses sighed as he pulled into his driveway and parked next to Azha’s Jeep Wrangler.

They were all correct.

Azha watched her husband as he played with Booker on the couch. He was on his back, doing bench presses with their forty-pound son, who was chortling with delight at his daddy’s shenanigans. She loved their relationship. They were extremely close. Booker was no mama’s boy. She wasn’t jealous of it. She actually hoped it continued, especially in Booker’s teenage years. Having a positive, strong, authoritative but loving father who had been there for him from he was a fetus, to learn from and look up to, was priceless. She loved that for him. Moses had had that too, but it was heavy on the authoritative and light on the love. One of the reasons why he hugged and kissed and played with Booker any chance he got.

Something was off with her husband. She wasn’t a religious woman but she was a spiritual one, and she had gifts. She could feel things the average person couldn’t feel. Something had infected his spirit. He had cleaned himself before coming home, but he needed a spiritual cleansing. He had been with an earthly succubus, and her energy had followed him home. Moses was not a spontaneous man. He was methodical in all his doings. She was right, she knew she was, her gifts when unwrapped always held what she thought was in them, whether she liked it or not. It was usually not.

She simultaneously loved and hated her gifts.

She loved them when they told her that something was wrong. That enabled her to fix it.

She hated when she found out what was wrong. It was always terrible and fixing it required blood.

Some would beg to differ that they were spiritual as her gifts were from the dark, not the light. She scoffed at that. Either way, they were not given by man.

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