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Excerpt from Dark Night of the Soul: The Therapist

“She can change, maybe we can go to therapy together... maybe I can be a better husband, work less and spend more time with her.”

“Your wife is not going to go to therapy with or without you. She doesn’t want you to spend more time with her, and you couldn’t even if you wanted to, as that demanding well-paying job is the only reason why she married you in the first place.”

Garrick bristled though he knew deep down Dr. Black was speaking the truth. Andrea would laugh in his face at the notion of couple’s therapy and even when she could, she didn’t spend much time with him. When she told him that she was cheating because of neglect, that was just her gaslighting him. He knew what he should do. He deserved better. Unlike most men he was faithful, he was a high earner and he was easy to please, but he couldn’t do it. He was overweight and average looking. Other than a gold digger, what beautiful woman would want him?

And the sex, he was getting turned on just thinking about it. Andrea was a beast in bed when she was in the mood, especially when he took her to exotic locations on vacation. She would do things to him that made him feel like he was King Solomon and she was a high class prostitute trained in the arts of pleasing a man. He had wasted his time coming there. He would never leave her.

“Thank you for your time Dr. Black,” he said tersely, feeling less than a man but attempting to hold his double chin up.

“No problem, you take care,” Dr. Black responded, not stating the obvious that he still had fifteen minutes left in the session he had paid handsomely for. He buzzed him out. After that session he felt like the room needed a simp sanitation spray.

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