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Excerpt from Death is a Choice

Oftentimes, one’s last day on Earth started out innocuously enough, nothing untoward to suggest that tomorrow was a luxury you weren’t going to be able to afford. That had been the case for Samira Higgins. She’d got up at her usual time of 4 a.m., went to the gym for an hour, getting to her target of burning a thousand calories. Got back home at 5:28, made breakfast and got her son ready for school. Showered and got ready for work while her husband and son ate and then left together. She left twenty minutes after they did, and arrived at the office with five minutes to spare before her 9:00 meeting with an enterprising young man who was interested in getting life insurance. She bought Chinese takeout for two from Panda Supreme Express, and went to her lover’s apartment for lunch and sex. She got both, had seconds in the latter. He took a nap afterwards. She left his apartment to go and pick up her son from school. She never made it.

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