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Excerpt from The Butterfly & the Bull II


There is no coming back from this. I really had forgiven her, there were no hard feelings, but things have changed and there is no room for her in my life any longer. She had called Zidane right after but he didn’t pick up as he was working. When he checked his messages the next day, Kayleigh had left him six long voice notes. He listened to them and blocked her without responding. Zidane didn’t do drama and they weren’t together. He didn’t owe her anything.

So, though I had spoken out my ass that she wouldn’t have any further experiences with him, the universe had listened and backed me up. Manifestation at its finest. I have an appointment with an OBGYN who is a fertility specialist on Wednesday at 11 a.m. I’m really looking forward to beginning this journey with Zidane. Scared too, to be honest, but as he told me, great things are always on the other side of fear. Being a mother is a huge deal.

But first things first, we’ll see what the fertility specialist has to say.

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