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Excerpt from The Goddess of Many Faces

Harper’s migraine was getting worse as the day wore on. She had to tell Nurse Duffy who doubled as the receptionist, to cancel the two afternoon patients. She was disappointed. Little Amber was one of her favourites. She was simply the sweetest little girl she had ever met. The prescribed medication she had for her recurring migraines was strong, so she had to go home first. She wouldn’t be able to drive and stay awake after taking it. The drive home was silent except for the loud thud in her head. It had been a while since she’d had one this bad. She muttered under her breath when a taxi man cut her off and tried not to get aggravated. If her headache got worse, she was sure she would pass out. She breathed a sigh of relief when she got to her quiet street. She pressed the button on the gate opener as she got close to her home. She drove in and parked, and was heading inside when she stopped suddenly, a confused look on her pain-riddled face. Why was Mel’s car in her driveway? She drove a white Mini Cooper that they always teased her could not hold her booty. LL’s Jaguar F-PACE and his BMW 530i were also there. She frowned. He had said he was going to be on the road with his manager for most of the day but would be home to have dinner with her. She was cooking today and he loved her pasta moussaka fresh off the stove.

Anxiety and confusion joined her migraine and the party became louder in her head, joined by her pounding heart. She steadied herself and went inside.

“Mrs. Lane! You’re home early!” Aubrey, her helper exclaimed when she turned off the


She looked like she had seen a ghost.

“Where is Mr. Lane?”

Aubrey looked like she wanted to disappear.

“In the studio, ma’am.”

Harper put her bag and keys down, kicked off her heels, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and headed to the back of the house where the studio was located.

“Lawd Jesas Crise!” Aubrey exclaimed as she held her head and moved her feet like she was barefooted and standing on hot coals.

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